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                                                                                          * Hazleton Area includes all communities within a 20 mile radius from Hazleton.

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Will Ordinance 2012-25 solve the PROBLEMS(S) ????   or   Make matters worse for you and your neighbors?   Protect Your Property …Take a Stand before it is TO Late!  

   Proposed —- City Ordinance:

         How will this impact Good Landlords & ALL Property Owners,  Help or Hurt ?

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  __________  Proposed Ordinance 2012-25 Sept 19th 2012 ———————————

   Review Latest Copy of Ordinance 2012  2012-25 _Rental Registration_  -

   News Article: September 18th 2012 Rental Law Back on Table

   News Article: Sept 26th 2012 Mixed Reviews for City’s Proposed Rental Property Legislation

   News Sub-Article: Developer: KOZ.. ( Rental Registration )

   News Article : Oct 2nd 2012  City Landlords Voice Concerns




  __________  Below Articles are of Proposed Ordinance’s that have not passed   ___________________ 

   News Article :June 12 2011 Rental Rules Irk Landlord

   News Article: July 18, 2011 Hazleton Tables Ordinance

   News Article: Aug 18,2011  Hazleton Tables Inspection Ordinance   

   News Article:Sept 8, 2011   City Rental Ordinance May Be Amended

   News Article:Sept 7, 2011 

Landlords Assoc. Threatens Injunction  

   News Article:Sept 22,2011 

Rental Inspection Ordinance  

    News Article: Sept 22,2011

City will Rewrite Inspection Ordinance 

    News Article: Jan 3,  2012  

Reworked Rental Law faces more Scrutiny

    News Article: Jan 4, 2012  New Council Delays Action On Rental Law

    News Article: Jan 14, 2012  Hazleton undeterred on Rental Law

    News Article: Jan 25 , 2012   Rental Registration Ordinance on City Council’s Agenda

    News Article: Jan 26, 2012  City Council Rejects Amended Rental Property Ordinance

 Landlords: How to Advertise your rental unit for free, 

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    Landlords: — ” Get Answers ! ” –  General meetings are open to  all landlords ( member or non-member landlords ).  Get Answers and Landlord Assistance such as Free Forms( Lease Forms, Notice Forms etc,etc ), List of Tenant  Judgments, Product Discounts, Free Rental Advertising, Free Rental Yard Signs, Landlord Networking, and much more.

Landlords & Prospective Landlords - Would you like more information about:  —

      Finding the right applicants – Keeping good residents – Evictions – Budgeting – Controling cost – Student Housing

        HALO – ( Hazleton Area Landlords Organization ) is offering FREE seminars on these topics and much much more.

        Our New Season we will be posting our Seminar Schedule

        Our first FREE seminar will be —T.B.A. at the – Hazleton – YMCA 6:30 p.m.








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